The Best Fight Wear!

If you want to be successful in any fighting sport like MMA, boxing etc. you need to be comfortable, and the only thing you need to be limited by is free motion. Maximizing mobility directly improves performance in a fighting scenario. Whether its simply, just a friendly match or a competition you need to be ready, its the only option! Do you want the best fight wear? MMA, jiu jitsu , Boxing, Wrestling, etc. is hard but if you can make sure that you have the best workout gear and the best fight wear. Having the best gear and products can help you get better on an exponential growth basis compared to your peers. Training is great as an athlete and it can only make you better, but why not maximize your training by simply using the best products that can tae you further than ever during your hardcore workout sessions. In that case you will be driving your body to its limit! But thats something that every dedicated athlete wants and needs. The best athletes make sure they have the best fight wear to maximize the most out of the their workouts! Beast Builder Co. offers a wide range of  Fight Wear  made to innovate the fitness game! Read the rest of the article to learn about fight wear that we offer and why they beat the competition, and will help you only get better and perfecting your skills and be the best fighter you can be!

MMA Shorts / Grappling Shorts

fight wearThese shorts are specifically designed to maximize your performance by allowing extra mobility to your legs. They provide stretchiness for quick stretch outs, high kicks and other activities. Have a look on some exclusive features of the various Beast Builder Co. Shorts that are available for purchase.

With Various fight wear the design is critically related to your performance. If you get a tight pair of shorts that won’t give you free movement you may never be able to maximize the power of your high kick or maybe you want to help build up the power skill of your knee on stomach position or even your rear mount. If you have tight gear that  doesn’t allow free movement it can make or break you. Losing a sparring event or maybe even a competitive event will hurt you in terms of your confidence or even your physical ability. Never take the chance of depilating yourself, as a true fighter you must be a champion and win ever fight you get into.


MMA Shorts

MMA Shorts By Beast Builder Co.

  • T3 Seam Stitching 
  • Split Seam Flexibilty
  • Thick Fitting Waistband
  • Improved Velcro Closure Strap System  


Compression Pants

Compression PantsCompression Pants Change from design to build across the board, but all the Beast Builder Co. compression pants are built to specifically beat the completion in every single way! What makes a great pair of compression pants is clear: COMPRESSION !

Compression ants are used for every single thing you can possibly imagine. compression gear isn’t an ordinary pair of spandex pants. Made with tighter elastic to better hold its shape, compression apparel also delivers graduated pressure, meaning garments are tighter around the ankle than the knee, which helps improve circulation from the lower leg.Earlier studies had showed that runners, cyclists and other athletes experienced improved blood flow through their muscles when wearing compression gear during workouts in the lab. It seems logical to extrapolate that greater blood flow means better oxygenation of muscles, and thus improved performance.

Compression PantsCompression Pants

  • Thick Waistband
  • Tapered Fit
  • Seamed Design





Compression Shorts

Similar to compression compression pants compression shorts are everything a pair of compression pants has to offer but only shorter! Compression shorts have a nice thick waistband a tapered design and great comfortability. Chances are you are an athlete that wants to goCompression Shorts above and beyond. Compression Shorts are  what we like to call “range free”. Think about all those moments where you would want not such a tight fit that you can’t even preform a full stretch. Well, for any athlete thats something nobody would want. Compression gear is  meant to be tight but its not meant to be limiting your range of motion, or else it wouldn’t be a good pair of compression shorts. Fortunately, compression shorts are the best of fight wear. Our compression shorts don’t limit your range of motion, and keep you feeling secure with a thick waistband. Compression Shorts are used in different scenarios. Sometimes compression shorts can be used on their own. Now it depends on you, if your confident enough to use just compression shorts then we recommend it. Some people like to use our compression shorts with the MMA shorts on top. For a training even that maybe perfect for you. Another option you can do is you can wear a pair of compression pants with a MMA shorts on top. There are a ton of options of what to wear to your training or competitive matches but something to keep in mind is your comfortability!


Fight Wear  & Maximizing Comfortability and Flexibility

All fight wear is made to maximize comfortability without limiting free motion. Comfortability is one of the “well knowns” when it comes to performance. If your not comfortable you just won’t succed in or out of the cage.So remember comfortability is KEY! Sometimes when something is too comfortable it may not be designed to perfection.It may limit your flexibility. As a fighter flexibility can make or break you. If you can’t get that extra reach it can make the difference in a tough grapple or a difficult match, you can potentially get hurt or just simply not progress in your training. Unfortunately too much clothing and fight wear does limit your range of motion! Fortunately, all of Beast Builder Co. ‘s fight wear makes you have the greatest range of motion and maximizing comfortability, which is something that every fighter needs.