Big & Bulky Series: Arm Workout

Arm workouts are fun for some, but for us bodybuilders the arm day is the epidemy of bodybuilding. Building an amazing set of arms sets the tone for the rest of the body! Its simple to get a great pair of arms but its definitely not easy! In the Big & Bulky Series we want you to build all the muscle you physically can, with that being said we  are 100% confident that this workout will take you further than any personal trainer or any other so called “expert” at the gym. Do exactly what we tell you to in the gym and you will notice the benefits almost instantly Continue to read the workout guide to learn about how to fully access your potential and let your arms take you somewhere big!

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Tip #1

Start With The Weaker Body Part!

This rule might go well with ANY workout that you do, but it makes complete sense, why not use up all your energy that is going to improve your weak points as a bodybuilder. As a bodybuilder you have to keep your keen eye sharp, and realize which muscle are “over powering”. To be a great bodybuilder you need size and symmetry! Look and the mirror and specifically for this workout look at which one part of your arm is a better body part: your triceps or biceps? Here we are going to start with triceps, but you can start with your biceps if you feel you need to.


Arm Workout #1

Cable Rope Tricep Extensions (Light Weight/Warm Up)

This workout is very simple a tricep extension is going to fully extend and stretch your triceps. From the bottom to the top of the movement try closing your eyes and focusing on the different parts of your tricep. Your tricep is composed of 3 heads. The cable extensions are going to push blood in and out of your triceps. This is part of the reason we want to use this exercise as a warm up, think of this portion of the arm workout as a primer for your body, getting it ready for the future workouts to come. Another reason we start of with a light weight when doing tricep extensions is simply because in an arm workout we are going to get a lot of stress on our elbows so we will need to make sure we preserve our elbow joint as much as possible for the years to come. One thing to remember is to flex your triceps at the bottom and twist your wrists outward as you do this portion of the exercise.

Complete: 3 Sets 12-17 Reps

Arm Workout #2

Cable Rope Tricep Extension (Moderate/ Heavy Weight )

This is the same workout as workout #1 just make sure you increase the weight. The last three sets where just a warm up, it’s time to step on the gas a little bit. Increase the weight to a moderately heavy weight. A tip to make sure you know that you haven’t increased the weight too much is: if you’re focused on your form then the weight is too heavy. Remember we are bodybuilders here, not weightlifters!

arm workout

Arm Workout #3

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

This workout is very simple take a dumbbell bend over so that your back is parallel to the ground, start off with the dumbbell pointing downwards to the ground, then a line your arm to your back and that’s called a tricep kickback! Try flexing your tricep as hard as you possibly can, after all for this portion of the workout isn’t supposed to be heavy but it should be hard because you are going to do 3 sets per arm of 15-20 sets per arm!

Complete: 3 Sets (Per Arm) 15-20 Reps

arm workout


Arm Workout #4

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Dumbbell skull crushers are going to crush your triceps! Its not going to be easy, but we are going to burn out those triceps to maximize our growth as much as possible! You may be familiar with barbell skull crushers and you may be even asking: why not not barbell skull crushers. We want to emphasize the health of your elbows, barbell skull crushers are NOT going to keep your elbows health. Fortunately for you , you have access to dumbbells! Which means that you will now  allow your elbows to flow in a free range of motion will no limitations as you do the skull crushers. To get this workout done  properly start of lying down on the bench with the dumbbells as if you are going to perform a chest dumbbell press, have the ends of the dumbbells face each other in a pathway that your hands would be as if you were going to perform the bench press exercise. Then twist your arms inward, so that the dumbbells are parallel to each other, so that the top of the dumbbell is facing your head and the bottom is facing your feet. Finally perform the opposite of a kick back motion. So let your forearm come down without moving your upper arm or your elbow then as you push the weight up flex your triceps.

arm workout

Arm Workout #5

Hammer Curls

Arms curls are very simple but they are critical to any arm workout. Think of your arms as they lay straight down as equivalent to a 180° angle. As you are maintaining this 180° angle just simple bring your up to a 90° angle then back down to a 180°. This is the hammer curl! To make the hammer curl more effective as you bring your arm down slow down the movement, and focus on your formas and the depths of your bicep, as you arm is at a complete 180° angle flex your tricep then bring your arm back up. We recommend that  in the beginning of the set perform a negative which means as you bring your arm down make the movement a slower one! It tough, no doubt, but it’s worth the reward.


Arm Workout # 6 (Superset With Arm Workout #7)

Barbell Bicep Curl Negative- Arm Workout #6

Dumbbell Bicep Curl – Arm Workout #7

This portion of the arm workout is going to test your will and discipline! Ask yourself you do you do want this arm workout to be beneficial or do you want to this arm workout to be like every single arm workout you have had before? Do you want to still look like a string bean or do you want to experience a real arm workout that is going to blow up your arms like a balloon? Okay, well this is the toughest part of the workout. Perform a bicep curl (with a barbell) and then control the negative as much as possible for exactly 6 reps. Now after that going through that torture you’re going to perform dumbbell bicep curls of a total of 12 reps per arm.


Arm Workout #6

Complete: 6 Negatives for 4 Sets

Arm Workout #7

Complete: 4 Sets of 12 Reps (Per Arm)

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