What Is Creatine ? How To Use Creatine ?

Have you ever heard your biddies at the gym talking about supplements they take like pre workout, or even creatine ? Creatine is a supplement that works! But before you go ahead and buy it we are here to tell you everything about creatine , What is Creatine? How Creatine Works? What are the side effects of creatine? Benefits of Creatine? Hold tight we are going to tell you what is creatine and everything in between!

What is Creatine ?

Creatine is a amino acid that can be manufactured in a factory or even in your own body. An amino acid is simply a a much smaller version of a protein. A bunch of amino acids make a protein! So lets say you eat a steak, that has creatine! Or maybe even some fish , that also has creatine. So know this: Creatine is safe, its probably not going to hurt you. Of course we can make promises here but there is a very good chance you will be okay taking a creatine supplement. When your body digest and produces nutrients , one of those nutrients are creatine.

Creatine has a job, a very important one! Creatine holds water in your muscle and brain tissue. Your muscles are mostly made up of water. Think of your muscle as a ballon. Your ballon can stretch and squeeze but if you can’t force more water into it then you can’t get your ballon any bigger. When you workout and you hit those hard workouts your muscle will recover by shuttling nutrients from your blood to help heal back the micro fiber tear your body had created during the workout. Over time, with the right nutrition you will grow bigger and stronger.Creatine helps speed up that process because it fills your ballon with little more water than it usually will hold. If it holds little more water then it will tear a little deeper and you will grow a little bit bigger each and every time!

Misconceptions Of Creatine !

Creatine is not a steroid! Will it turn you into Mr. Olympia? NO. Will it turn you into Captain America? NO. What creatine will do is give you that little extra push that you may need in the gym. So lets say your used to doing 10 reps with a 135 pound bench press , you may get 135 for 12 reps. Over time those extra reps will add up and it can make a critical difference.

Using Creatine The Right Way 

Creatine is much more effective with explosive type movements. For example when your doing squats. creatine works best with a 5-8 repetition set. Strong explosive reps every single set. If you are doing reps that are above 15 that means the weight is too light!

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Side Effects Of Creatine

Science today tells us that there are no negative side effects of Creatine that we know of currently today. Creatine was being supplemented with in late 1993 and yet we find no negative influence that creatine has on the body.

How To Take Creatine?

Take creatine on a consistent basis. If you can only afford to take a half serving every day, then do just that! Uf you can afford to take two servings a day, then make sure you do that too! Make no mistake, more is not better! If there is an excess of creatine in the body the body will simply release it through urination, so save yourself some money and use roughly 3- 5 grams of creatine per day. If you start taking creatine in the morning then maintain that schedule. It really doesn’t matter when you take it but make sure you are implanting it on a daily basis if you start taking it. At first, you may see no changes in your body what so ever, however, after a week you may start noticing some strength increases.

What Creatine Options Are There?

There is creatine monohydrate,Tai- Creatine Malate, micronized creatine, etc. The creatine that is the best for you is creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is the creatine that is going to be the one that shuttles water into your muscles and gives you that drive in the gym. You can take any other creatine you want but creatine monohydrate is the creatine that has the best quality for the price. Basically the highest bang for your buck.

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