How to Lose Weight For Women

Hey Ladies, we know that all of you want that amazing body, frankly everyone does! But unfortunately, the world makes it out to be so much harder than it actually is. Weight Loss, is not that hard! I know can you actually believe it. Before reading this blog, we want to convince you, that we need you to completely forget about your past failed diets, or your past exercise routines that did absolutely nothing for you. What we want to do is we want to really help you understand how to lose weight , and how to do it the right way!

So to start off, lets make something clear: YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ! Yep, we said it. Think about at apple pie right now.. Do you think eating an apple pie is healthy for you, do you think that eating an apple pie is the best meal choice for weight loss? The answer is NO, but we can show you how to lose weight and still eat apple pie at the same exact time. We know it might sound weird but there is an actual science to weight-loss. Keep reading and we will tell you what it is….

To put it as simply as possible your weight loss is dictated by the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis. The Slim Fit weight loss program describes it perfectly. Take the pounds you currently weigh. Multiply that by 13. That number is a rough estimate of the amount of calories you are eating now! Now take that big number and subtract 250 from it. That’s the amount of calories that you should eat now, in order to lose weight. Once your weight loss slows down decrease those amount of calories by another 100 calories and keep that going.  If you don’t like to keep decreasing the amount of calories you eat just make sure you exercise and you can eat more! Click this link if you want to learn more free tips to lose more weight: 10 Tips To Lose 10 Pounds !

The Myths of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Myth #1

Its Not True! All the garbage you hear about starving yourself is completely false. You never have to deprive yourself from eating anything. Lets say you love chocolate donuts and you have to have at least 2 chocolate donuts a day! That may sound unhealthy (which it is), but those 2 chocolate donuts are probably around 750 calories in total. Well, have no fear because the rest of the food is still here! you can still eat other calories worth of different foods as long as you stay below that magic number.

Weight Loss Myth #2

Not Sure if you heard this one, but it is talked about a lot. People say drink a gallon of water a day! THATS RIDICULOUS. a 7 Foot individual shouldn’t be consuming as much water as a 5 foot female is. Water is totally relevant to your bodies needs. Some people need more water, some people need less. But don’t be fooled. Water is 100% related to the size of your body.

Weight Loss Myth #3

Cutting out the carbs is probably the worst weight loss myth out there because unfortunately people actually believe it! Did you know that every single thing that comes from the ground aka mother nature has carbs! your body needs carbs, protein and fat. Do not cut one out because some personal trainer told you to cut them out.  Your body uses these different macro nutrients for different reasons. Do body a favor, keep eating carbs!

Answering the unanswered questions of weight loss.

Can a personal trainer teach me how to lose weight?

A personal trainer can help you lose weight, but they can also help you gain weight. Majority of personal trainers are training you because your simply because they need the money. Personal trainers are good at teaching you how to workout, but so can youtube! Do not waste your time, or money with a personal trainer, in fact majority of personal trainers won’t even help you with your diet. If you want someone to guide you through weight loss, just access your own online personal trainer: the Slim Fit: Body Transformation Program. The slim fit transformation program is the only online program that has helped 1000+ people lose weight and fully transform their bodies for only 37.99!

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